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"With farming you can never be entirely in control. It takes on a life of its own, constantly surprising and challenging me."

"I look to farming as a way to bring family and work-life closer, and to be in touch with the basic human need of happy, healthy food."

"I farm because it matches up with my values and passions in life of eating well and using my body to meet my needs."




My background is in sculpture, and i like farming because it requires the same aesthetic consideration and problem solving skills.


With farming you can never be entirely in control of the form you’re creating. The design is there, the smart, sustainable skeleton, but then it takes on a life of its own and constantly surprises and challenges me.


Farming is beautiful because I get to be an inventor, spend all day outside,  and eat like a queen.

I made a move into farming from the non-profit sector in 2010 due to my love of being outside.


I love interacting with our customers, the OCD of organizing vegetable sizes, and watching the family of hawks at Ironwood Farm swoop overhead during  the harvest.


I look to farming as a way to bring my family and work-life closer together. Importantly, it also keeps me in touch with my basic human need for nutritious, happy and healthy food.

I farm because it matches up with my values and passions in life, which are primarily eating well and keeping my body healthy and in motion.


Farming gives me the opportunity to work outside and produce nutritious food that sustains both me and my community.


 I started Ironwood Farm alongside Jenny and Lauren because I value the support of our all-female team, and gain encouragement and inspiration as we problem solve together.

Meet our 2016 Farm Crew!

I started working on farms in West Virginia, my home state. I moved to the Hudson Valley to learn more about organic farming and how to tackle issues of food insecurity in the face of mounting income inequality.


I also like farming because it keeps me happy and healthy. I’m drawn to being outside and working with my hands. I also thrive in the hot summer heat! At the end of the day, I’m just an animal foraging for food, in this case arugula and turnips

"At the end of the day, I’m just an animal foraging for food, in this case arugula and turnips."


"I like growing because it's creative..."

I got into farming through wine. I went to France and started working on vineyards.


I like growing because it's creative, but not in a self-centered way. Farmers help the land express itself. It pleases me that the same kind of carrot, planted in two different places, will taste slightly different.


Any vegetable is a record of a few weeks or months in a particular spot on the farm.




Instagram Feed: The Latest Images from the Farm

The Ironwood Gallery: Some of our Most Beautiful Moments

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The Farm:

PO Box 21, Mellenville, NY, 12544

103 County Route 9, Ghent, NY, 12075

A Story

Of How Ironwood Farm was Started

Starting a farm in this day and age is difficult. Especially when its a small-scale organic farm without a big pot of gold to get things going. Here is how we did it:

Learning and Mentoreship

Little Seed Gardens

Lauren, Jenny and Aliyah worked together on Little Seed Gardens organic farm for over 4 years. This is where we 'learned' farming and made lifelong friends with our mentors and role models Willy and Claudia, who continue to show us the endless possibilities of the farming life.  We      you Little Seed!

Finding Land

Columbia Land Conservancy

Finding suitable and affordable land to lease is challenging as land prices rise. The Columbia Land Conservancy was crucial in connecting us with land owners wanting farmers to work their land. After a year of searching & interviewing, we found our match.

Starting a Business

The Carrot Project

How do three young women start up a business without funding? The answer is in The Carrot Project. This progressive organization helped us write a viable business plan, apply for a loan, seek legal and business council, and basically form our biz entity. This organization is an incredible resource for new small farms in the Hudson Valley.

Going All In

A Bank Loan

Putting your debt where your heart is. With the help of The Carrot Project we received a $30k loan and $10k operating credit to get us started... It's almost all gone...

The Tipple Family

Land Partnership

Thanks to the forward thinking Tipple Family we arranged to rent seven acres of their land to put into vegetable production. Their generosity and support ensured we had available and fertile soil to grow in.

Vegetable Growing!

Group Effort

And with a lot of hard work, determination, and collaboration Ironwood Farm started growing its first vegetables in 2014. Thank you to everyone for helping us get this farm off the ground, in the soil and into production.

Winter CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

How it Works

You Buy a 'Share'

Sign up online and make your payment before November 1st to get the season rolling

We Grow your Food

We get to work, doing what we love: growing a bunch of delicious and organic vegetables just for you!

Weekly Veg Pick-Up

Each week you come to the Farm or Hudson to pick up your share of vegetables and herbs.









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Winter 2016/17




November 3rd 2016


January 26th 2017




Thursdays 4:30pm to 6pm At:

Ironwood Farm

103 County Rt 9

Ghent, NY, 12075




1) Payment Plans Available

2) Pickups Available on Friday if you can't make Thursday.


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